Ross Bleckner


Ross Bleckner Biography


Ross Bleckner was born in 1949 in New York City. He received a Bachelor of Arts from New York University in 1971, a Master of Fine Arts from Cal Arts in 1973, and has taught at many of the nation's most prestigious universities. For the last 20 years, Bleckner’s art has largely been an investigation of change, loss, and memory, often addressing the subject of AIDS. Bleckner uses symbolic imagery rather than direct representation. His work is visually elusive, with forms that constantly change focus. While much of Bleckner's work can be divided into distinct groups or series with motifs repeated from painting to painting, he is also in the habit of redeploying and combining old motifsNot only has Bleckner had a profound impact on the New York art world, his philanthropic efforts have enabled many community organizations to perform their vital work. In May 2009 Bleckner was awarded the title of Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations.