Nobuyoshi Araki


Nobuyoshi Araki Biography


Nobuyoshi Araki is a Japanese photographer and contemporary artist.  He is also known by the nickname Arākī. Araki studied photography during his college years and then went to work at the advertising agency Dentsu, where he met his future wife, the essayist Yōko Araki. After they were married, Araki published a book of pictures of his wife taken during their honeymoon titled Sentimental Journey. She later died in 1990. Pictures taken during her last days were published in a book titled Winter Journey.

Having published over 350 books (and still more every year) Araki is considered one of the most prolific artists alive or dead in Japan and around the world.  Many of his photographs are erotic; some have been called pornographic.  Some of his most popular photography books are Sentimental Journey, Tokyo Lucky Hole, and Shino. He also contributed photography to the Sunrise anime series Brain Powerd.

The eccentric Icelandic avant-garde musician Björk is an admirer of Araki’s work, and served as one of his models.  At her request he photographed the cover and inner sleeve pages of her 1997 remix album, Telegram. Araki’s life and work were the subject of Travis Klose’s 2005 documentary film Arakimentari. His works are held in numerous museum collections including the Tate and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.