Paolo Roversi


Paolo Roversi Biography


Born in Ravenna in 1947, Paolo Roversi’s interest in photography began at an early age during a family vacation in Spain. In 1970 he started collaborating with the Associated Press; on his first assignment, AP sent Roversi to cover Ezra Pound’s funeral in Venice. During the same year Paolo opened his first portrait studio photographing local celebrities and their families. The following year he met Peter Knapp, the legendary Elle magazine Art Director, and at Knapp’s invitation, Roversi visited Paris where he quickly settled.

In Paris Roversi started working as a reporter for the Huppert Agency but soon developed an interested in fashion photography. After working with the British photographer Lawrence Sackmann, Roversi had some small jobs published for magazines like Elle and Depeche Mode. After Marie Claire published his first major fashion story, his career took off and his photographs have been the subject of many exhibitions and books.