Hai Bo


Hai Bo Biography


Hai Bo is a Chinese photographer who was born in Hillin Province and presently lives on the outskirts of Beijing. Bo graduated from the Fine Art Institute of Jilin in 1984, and in 1989, he completed his Advanced Studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Print Department

Hai Bo’s photography addresses personal experience placed in the bigger picture of space and passing time. His latest photography captures the surroundings and people living in the margin between China's urban and rural areas. At first glance, they appear to be snapshots, but their composition is so refined and concise that it betrays a sense of aloofness. They depict real and common situations while simultaneously creating a sense of theatrical absurdity and alienation. The gray sky and pale sun lend his images an air of surrealist fantasy. His work is characterized by the sense of helplessness felt by lone individuals placed in an alien environment, as well as the sense of absurdity inherent in lives without purpose or significance.