Esko Männikkö


Esko Männikkö Biography


Esko Männikkö is a Finnish photographer whose subjects include still-life images of game and fish, house exteriors, panoramic landscapes, and, above all, portraits of un- or self-employed single males from Finland's northern regions. Each of his images has its own unique recycled wooden frame.

Männikkö's concerns are identity, masculinity, Finnishness, friendship, and loneliness. His ‘environmental’ portraits, staged in domestic surroundings, convey a strong sense of immediacy, unpretentiousness, and dignity; eye contact and deliberate poses suggest the presence of self-contained universes.

Männikkö's art seduces through somewhat obtrusive color, image detail, and precise composition. His later portrait series, and panoramic landscapes, have ranged geographically wider, embracing Mexican immigrants in Texas, Spain's regions, and Finns of non-Finnish origin.